Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wild Thing

He sat perched in the fork of a tree in the back yard.

Painted in war paint of lipstick on his arms and cheek waiting.

He tied his mother's leopard patterned scarf around his waist and over his underwear.

Maybe not one the best of his decisions he made today.

Mom loved that scarf, one of her favourites and there would be a price to pay.

For now he is a wild thing, a thing of the wild and in his mind endangered.

For Watercolour Wednesday's topic Wild Thing.


  1. thats ok, no prob! ^_^
    unlike me, you are doing good with watercolor.
    yes, in this illustration too!

  2. Wow this is fantastic! he reminds me of one of my sons when he was younger. Thanks for the visit! :)


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