Thursday, November 26, 2009

Closet Gnome

A humming, a twitter, a buzz, a noise beyond hearing emanated from the deep, dark, depth of the closet.

A puff of air, a small breath of breeze, a flicker of curtains opens a slit of light from a bright moon lit night.

Caught by a moon beam, held by a boy's clear sight, a closet Gnome stands frozen and frightened to move a minute muscle.


  1. i must say it again personally to you that you DID a great work here, all your closet gnome paintings are very very VERY nice.
    They are not boring, not mundane, not flat, they are just n-i-c-e.
    congratulation on this!



  2. This is enchanting, and the illustration of the boy below is just as wonderful. Of course if you believe you can see almost anything.

  3. again, I love this gnome, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your kind comments!

  4. yes, i know she was so lovely and i just wanted to tell you yesterday: Dear Dayle, i want to share you a beautiful picture of Audrey because i know you love Audrey too...
    But you already looked at it :))

    wishing you a nice weekend, ok!


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