Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Closet Gnome

And there he was from out of the shadows.

Twinkle in his eye with an attitude and presence.

Done for Watercolor Wednesdays.

I liked the faeries and gnomes of Brian Fround and Allan Lee and wanted to create my own.

I was having my own gnome problems with anything mechanical while making this. I thought my scanner was broken but I think it was my thingy that I plug the ubs cable devices into. Then my answering machine wasn't on and it was giving me the time and not recording my outgoing message. I bought a new scanner which I may not of needed and had to install it. It have me problems because I was still using a plug that didn't work. When I was reinstalling the photoshop that I like using wouldn't open again because of those plug thingy that were not working. So it is now 2:30 am as I write this had I known I could of had this done by early evening. This gnome is a mischievous fellow who seems to be living up to his name. The wild thing boy in the tree and this fellow will get into all sorts of adventures.

I love to hear comments please feel free.

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