Thursday, February 24, 2011

Layer IF

Hatty hen was the best egg layer that ever there was.

Hatty hen was a rare hen of defined refined taste.

A hen that had a tooth, a very, very sweet tooth that was not satisfied.

Tired of her chicken feed life she declared.

" Let me eat cake. big cake, layered cake this is the life I want to live; to live on cake; this life I will make."

So Hatty hen lived on her cake eating cake day in and day out and this is what she did make.

Hatty hen now is the best Easter egg layer that ever there was.


  1. Adorable and funny!I saw only now we had the same idea about the hen:)

  2. Love it! I mentioned on my post that the first thing I thought of drawing was one of my hens. (Ended up doing an artichoke instead...!)

  3. Wonderful, Dayle! I've missed your work..and this is a fine illustration!

  4. I love your work, your are so talented..If you were on the west coast of canada I'd hope to take lessons from you!

  5. Hatty is indeed a great layer! Love your work!

  6. Dayle,
    Your work makes me smile! Wonderful color! I'm so glad you left a message on my blog—brought me here! I love when people comment mostly so I visit other artists. Thanks and your work's wonderful. Penny

  7. Love this illustration. So colorful and cute!


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