Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finding the Magic- Focus

A faerie holds a early morning sun beam in her hand and marvels at its perfection.

The wonder of it is it's elusiveness for it can not be captured only adored.

This is true of any real and precious treasure, as any wise faerie knows.

I did this on the computer and will post the method later today on my demo page; address to follow. The demo is on my demo page press the side button in the blog list to the right.


  1. Wow Dayle! This is wonderful! I can't wait to check out the process and I can't wait for my wife to wake up so that I can show this to her! (she loves faerie art)

  2. Oh, so beautiful! Love the atmosphere and the ribbons floating up. Can't wait to see the process!

  3. Dayle, this is lovely! Can't wait to see the demo.

  4. Dayle, I saw this on WaWe and decided to come visit. Love the demo! Cool site.

  5. Oh, so beautiful and soft! You are so multi-talented Dayle, I'll definitely be checking out your demo later.

  6. This is so beautiful! Thank you for posting the demo!

  7. this one too is really really gorgeous...
    been so busy lately, hope you're doin good Dayle!



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